Myriam Dumortier / Policy Officer, Guest Professor

European Commission, University of Ghent / Biodiversity, ecology

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Main concerns: Biodiversity and climate are collapsing and the people most affected are the ones who contributed the least. There will be massive numbers of innocent refugees in the future.
Changes: I became a vegetarian 30 years ago, I never had a car, I live in a small house, I harvest my own vegetables through community supported agriculture, I buy other food from local producers through Voedselteams or on the local organic market, I buy other products at Ohne, a waste free shop, I did not visit a supermarket since many years, my phone is a Fairphone, I have my saving account at Triodos, I have a debit card from NewB, we go on holiday by train, we have solar panels on the roof and our electricity provider is Ecopower. I’m involved in local community activities, sharing ideas and helping others in living more sustainably. Seeking a sustainable life style is an ongoing and never ending process, and it is really enjoyable to make progress and share experiences.
Difficulties: We are still dependent on fossil fuels for heating (gas), I find no way to get rid of this, for the time being. Sometimes (once a year) I go on mission for work, and because of lack of time, I need to take the plane. Clothes is another issue: although I buy very few clothes it is still very difficult to find organic clothes produced without exploiting people.
Key changes: We need to choose for system change, society as a whole, and not be afraid, it will only bring benefits. If we all would choose for local organic food, this would drastically reduce consumption of fossil fuels and pressure on biodiversity at a societal scale. If we would all move our money to banks that guarantee not to invest it in fossil fuels or other unsustainable practices, the world would automatically become a better place.

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