Peter Galbusera / Researcher

KMDA / Biology

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Biodiversity is at loss not only because of climate change but also due to habitat loss and fragmentation, overexploitation, pollution,… . Biodiversity is ecosystem and species diversity but also the diversity within species (between individuals). I’m mostly worried about the loss of this genetic biodiversity because it this genetic variation that allows populations/species to adapt, over generations, to changing environments. Furthermore, species and ecosystems deliver a lot of services to humanity and, by loosing these services, we risk to lose possibilities to mitigate or adapt to climate change.
Our environment should be now a top priority for politicians. We need a clear ‘path’ (laws, strategy, plan,…action) to not only to confront climate change and loss of (genetic) biodiversity but simultaneously the socio-economic situation (people health, well-being, poverty,…). I think there is an opportunity now to tackle many issues in society simultaneously.
Governments need to take more action to prevent further biodiversity loss and climate change but so do we at citizens. Our contributions should be realistic and according to our (financial) capacities, but be manifold, on various aspects in our life. As a way to convince others, I testify that I have chosen to live close to my work, allowing me to go by bike; to avoid flights as much as possible (or compensate or optimize
them using e.g. KLATCH (; to open an account at Triodos Bank; to (gradually) insulate our house, to use green electricity produced at home with solar panels and by Ecopower, as my provider; to often use Ecosia as search engine; to eat less meat; to collect organic vegetables at a CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture) farm; … and to convince other people to ‘adapt’.
In general, I think society is too demanding for people. We are expected to be super flexible/reachable (mobile phone), mobile (car) and, above all, (over)spending (including on things we hardly need). It is difficult to resist these expectations. However, I think we should be realistic and take it step by step (as when following a diet) to find a better balance between what we need and what the environment can sustain.

Originally posted 2018-10-24 02:16:13.

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