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ELIC-UCLOUVAIN / Paleoclimate change

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I study on the climate change in the past 800,000 years, from where I learned that to a certain extent, nowdays the climate changes (global warming and more frequent extreme weather) attribute to the mankind’s activities. The magnitude and rate of anthropogenic effects on the climate induced by the combustion of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, and gas), human population outbreak, excessive consumption of natural resources, urbanisation, land use changes (e.g. deforestation) interfered the natural processes. Humans have modified Earth’s surface in a way comparable with environmental forcing.
As we believe, the most obvious way to tackle anthropogenic climate change is to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, which might be possible to limit global warming. It is daunting for climate researchers and policy makers, but it is still workable for all of us to take part in the sustainable environmental management.
So what can we do? Every one of us as a consumer, as citizen, and as a voter, can take responsibility for his or her own eco- footprint:
consume less, reduce the use of disposable items and non-essential plastic products, support local, reduce waste and ensure materials and products are utilized as much as possible before ending up in a landfill;
reduce water use, paper use, as well as electricity use, shut down the electric appliance you are not using;
drive less and share your car to fully occupied car , choose the public transport as much as possible;
buy energy-efficient home appliances; heating, cooling or humidifying room in a non-energy consumption way;
eat less meat;
get serious about eco-footprints, pay more attention as same as you care about football or fashion;
learn more about climate change and spread the word, share your opinions, ideas and experiences, influence and help the policy makes;

By all these ways, everyone can make a contribution to lower the energy consumption and protect our environment.

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