Renaud LOUIS/ Professor of Pneumology

University of Liege-CHULiege / Pneumology-Respiratory Medicine

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Air pollution by particulate matters and ozone dramatically affects lung health of the general population.
In predispoded people like asthmatics or patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary dieases (COPD) which affects 15% of the polulation, air pollution peak during the winter or during the summer is associated with a raised morbidity and mortality in patients with asthma and COPD. In addition, long term exposure to fine particules PM 2.5 µm is associated with an increased of lung cancer. Countries in which there is high levels of PM 2.5 in Europe are associated with high prevalence of lung cancer, the prognosis of which remains poor despite recent progress.
As for the global warming, it affects the growth of the plants (which is not necessarily bad), but by doing so, will deeply change and extend the pollinic season. This is likely to increase the burden of air allergy in the coming decades. Change in mean temperature is also affecting microlibilogical ecology with reappearance of some infectious diseases, usually confined to Africa, in southern europe
What to do:
Personal level
To favour teleworking in my adminsytrative staff.To discourage participation to “pseudoscientific” meeting held abroad and far away, meetings which are in fact business and tourism. To reduce excessive and useless emails as I recently understood that the Internet network was, worldwide, an important contributor to CO2 production. To reduce abusive drug prescription, which in some case (elderly people) have no clinical benefit but rather encourage preventive medicine by regular and soft physical exercise. To Use bicycle, trains or other public transport whenever possibleTo use bicycle and public transport (Train) whenever possible.To recycle clothes. To produce green energy by using photovoltaic panels.
Political level
To Change transport policy by fostering Green Energy and by Taxing the Fossils Energy (planes, diesel et petrol cars)
To Promote local tourism.To set up public bank supporting green economyTo create a european scientific and medical network in charge of validating the best treatment strategy

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