Andrea Catellani / Professeur

Université catholique de Louvain / Communication, semiotics, discourse analysis

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I am researcher in the field of communication and discourse analysis. Since 10 years, I work to better understand how organizations communicate about their social responsibility and sustainability. In the last years, my main research focus is becoming the analysis of climate change communication; I work together with some colleagues in France and Belgium, and I am a member of the International Environmental Communication Association.
I am very concerned by the evolution of the biosphere of our planet. In my research I would like to make a contribution to the increase of knowledge in the field of environmental studies. In my private life, I try to change my habits and behaviors: using an hybrid car, using much less this hybrid car, diminishing the quantity of waste and packages, investing my money following the responsible investment principles (I am a client of Triodos bank, for example), educating my daughters on environmental issues, supporting environmentalist groups and associations, compensating the carbon emissions of flights and trips.
I really feel it is not enough, and that I could do much more in the future, like reducing my flights and trips (and using more videoconference systems for my work). I think I must integrate in a deeper way in my spiritual and personal life the task of the protection of our “common home”, to cite the Pope Francis. I think also it is important to create and to make stronger links, networks and collaborations at all levels (from the family to the largest political and economic levels).
I think our society has to change a lot of habits and behaviors. Politics and politicians must be implied, like the economic system. I think our democracy has to create a strong pression on the techno-capitalistic system, and on politicians, through participation and through democratic means, in order to drastically reduce carbon equivalent emissions, plastic waste, energy consumption, etc., and turn our way of living towards a more sober and sustainable level. Communication, media and education are crucial places to be, too.
I think also the idea of a “finance-climate agreement” (“pacte finance-climat”), proposed by some French economists, can be a very interesting mean (see

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